• Echinacea purpurea or Purple Coneflower
  • Passionflower Passiflora incarnata
  • Evening Primrose "Ozark Sundrops"
  • Chinese Leopard Flower or Blackberry Lilly
  • Yellow Dotted Mint Monarda punctuata
  • Dandelion with a pollinator friend



Huang Qi (Yellow leader). This plant is considered one of the foundational Chinese medicinal herbs. A blood building, adaptogenic herb which builds deep immunity and boosts chi, helps with anemia, liver disease, increases stamina, and contains immune enhancing polysaccharides. An excellent health building herb for weak and immune compromised people. Commonly used as a medicinal food in Asia Astragalus is added to soups and stews in the winter months. Easy to grow with pretty vetch type foliage which can reach 2 to 3 feet in height, the roots are dug for medicine after 3 to 4 years . Quite drought Tolerant, likes full sun and excellent drainage, very hardy Perennial Zone 4.

Latin Name Astragalus membranaceus
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