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Himalayan Rhubarb

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Himalayan Rhubarb, Indian Rhubarb. Native to the Himalaya of India, Bhutan and Tibet. We are pleased to be able to offer this unique variety of medicinal rhubarb, which can be found at elevations from 8,000 to 13,000 feet. This species has huge leaves and the plant itself can reach heights of 9 feet, especially in fertile soil. Himalayan Rhubarb prefers a full sunny location and thrives in a moist, fertile soil. The root of Himalayan Rhubarb is commonly sold as a remedy for stimulating the bowels and has a mild purgative action when used in small quantities and should be used with caution as its effect can be uncomfortable in large doses. In Ayurvedic Medicine, it is often given to children and the elderly in combination with ginger root for stomach troubles of all kinds, including diarrhea , dysentery, jaundice and liver problems. It has astringent properties which tone the gut and helps remove waste while the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities help in healing an inflamed intestine. A beautiful specimen for the Ayurvedic Herb garden and can handle heavier clay soils better than many other herbs. Full to partial sun.Perennial Hardy to zone 4.

Latin Name Rheum emodi or Rheum austral
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