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Sage, Diviners

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The sacred Diviners sage is probably one of the world's rarest cultivated plants. It is not found growing in the wild. It was used by the Mazatec Indians for divination purposes producing telepathic and clairvoyant insights. Psychotropic effects from the compounds called salvinorins are considered quite powerful and this plant should be treated with great respect. Internal use of this herb should be treated with Caution. Requires a moist humid growing environment, which stays above freezing. Diviners Sage likes part shade and will burn in direct sun. They also like rich, fertile soil and do very well in containers. The mature plant can reach 10 feet and quite a girth as well. Cannot handle frost. Hardy to zone 11.  We can only ship to the following states due to the legal status of the plant: Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, South Carolina, West Virginia, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maine, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Tennessee.

Latin Name Salvia divinorum
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