• Echinacea purpurea or Purple Coneflower
  • Passionflower Passiflora incarnata
  • Evening Primrose "Ozark Sundrops"
  • Chinese Leopard Flower or Blackberry Lilly
  • Yellow Dotted Mint Monarda punctuata
  • Dandelion with a pollinator friend

Tea Tree

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Traditional use: Highly medicinal tree from Australia. The antiseptic oil is distilled from the leaves of this plant. The oil has proven anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and has anti-viral properties which make it valuable for skin infections, burns, bruises, cuts, herpes, warts, yeast infections, gingivitis and many other conditions that require a powerful antiseptic. It can be applied directly on sensitive tissues without irritation. Easy to grow with attractive delicate, feathery foliage and heavily peeling bark. Makes an excellent potted tree. Hardy to zone 9.

Latin Name Melaleuca altemifolia
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